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It isn’t every day that you hear about something that can literally change your life. Well if you are interested in computers there are skills and a business that can make that change a reality. You can learn this business in a reasonable time for a reasonable cost. This business is real, with real demand and real customers, and you can make it happen!

You know you need to do something different. Working for somebody else just doesn’t cut it anymore. There is simply no security no matter how big the company. More and more people are fighting for less and less jobs. You consider going back to school but it costs tens of thousands of dollars, and as long as you are still working for somebody else you really haven’t changed anything.

Then you think a business of your own is the way to go, maybe part time at first, with a potential for full time. But where do you start? You have heard a new business is risky and takes tons of money and time. Then you think of a franchise. Some might be a good idea for some people, but most cost tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars, and you need to quit your current job, which means you need to save up even more money to start!

I really believe the skills needed for a computer services business can be learned by anyone with average intelligence and manual dexterity. You probably already know the kinds of skills you need. Upgrading and repairing computers requires the knowledge to do things like install memory, replace a hard drive, and install Windows. There are online procedures and videos online for most of these skills. The problem is they are scattered all over.

What you need is someone to guide you. You need to know what skills to learn and how to get a business off the ground. And you need the hints and shortcuts that only someone that has been doing this for a long time can provide. That’s where I come in. I have been doing this for over 25 years, and I know what it is like to do this while still holding down a day job if that is your situation. I would like to serve as your mentor and guide you with the training and support you need to be successful.

Why Computer Services?

Why computer services? Computers are everywhere. They need to be built, upgraded, and repaired, whether for consumers or small businesses. The demand is there, and yet there are no dominant players, and what big players there are do not have much of a reputation. This is one of the few remaining businesses where the barriers to entry are low, and yet the potential is high. Training time and start up costs are very reasonable compared to most businesses. And equally important is that the financial risk is reasonable compared to the alternatives.

This business is not for everyone. You have to have at least a basic familiarity with using a computer, enjoy working with computers, and have average intelligence and dexterity. We can’t guarantee financial success, and certainly can’t predict your exact income, but I think if you learn the skills and have a mentor to guide you we can maximize your chances for success.

Some people will use this program to start a side hustle computer business with most of their sales coming from word of mouth. Some will succeed to the point where they decide to quit their full time jobs and run their computer business full time. What is really exciting is that we hope some will grow and become super successful in ways that we haven’t even imagined!There are lots of reasons why you might want to start a computer business. Here are a few:

You just want to make a little extra money.

I’m worried that my job may be outsourced and I want to be prepared.

I just don’t want to be dependent on some big corporation anymore.

I’m retired, I need a little more income, and quite honestly I’m bored.

I’m a student, but I need some income, or I’m going to school but I really don’t know how to earn a living.

I have a full time job, but I need some variety in the work I do.

I love computers and want to make some extra money to “feed my hobby.”

How does this work?
Now let’s take a look at how we are going to take your interest in computers, and your willingness to learn and work hard and turn it into your business.

We mentioned above that the program is a combination of mentoring, training, and support. Let’s take a look at what that really means. There is a small set of skills you need to get started. We’ll make sure you know what they are. You certainly can learn about computers from books and the internet. But we are going to organize that whole process for you. I’ll provide some reference materials, but more importantly I’ll provide the progressive framework that teaches you what you need to know much quicker than you probably thought possible.

As you are learning the required skills we will talk about the business side of things. We look at everything from the basic steps to get started, to customer policies and service. Most importantly you will learn tips that by themselves will justify what you are spending many times over.
Quite simply I will use everything I know to make you successful. Whether it is getting the hang of a particular repair process, or advise on to handle a difficult customer I will be there to advise and assist.

So the next step is up to you. You can do nothing and then wonder why nothing ever changes in your life. Or you can take a step that means you learn real skills with real demand in your independent business, and really change your life. The choice is yours, but rest assured we stand ready to do our part to make your dreams a reality.

I’m sure you have questions, so let’s talk and get the process started!

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